Flattr teams up with a major broadband provider in Sweden

It’s good to have friends who share your interests and passions. We’ve become good friends with Bredbandsbolaget, second largest internet service provider here in Sweden, that is part of global mobile giant Telenor. They, too, want to more great content on the web, and so we’ve teamed up to help the people who create it get paid.

Bredbandsbolaget will help to spread the word about Flattr as a way to reward creators, and allow Flattr account creation via their portal. Furthermore they are funding the Flattr accounts of a thousand of their customers for three months with 50 Swedish krona (about 5€) per month each. This offer is available to new Flattr accounts created through the Bredbandsbolaget site.

Like Jesper Hedblom from the broadband company puts it: We believe that the more creators get rewarded for their work, the richer and more diversified the range of web content will be. Needless to say we agree wholeheartedly. Cheers to our new friends!

14 thoughts on “Flattr teams up with a major broadband provider in Sweden

  1. What about us few who are customers of Bredbandsbolaget and already have a Flattr account? Do we really have to make a second account to get the bonus (which I think is a nice gesture, btw).

  2. So is it ok to make that second account and flattr the first one to transfer the means, or is that a violation of terms? :-)

  3. Merci pour le billet. J’ai aussi de parler cette thèmatique sur mon blog. Par la même occasion, je viens de poster un lien vers cet article.

  4. Linus: For sure, I’d use the “transferred” mean to flattr others from my original account. (I spend more money that I get every month).

  5. Tom: why not just immediately choose the full amount and flattr from that account for one month, and then you’ve shared it with projects you like already? Instead of having 2 fees withdrawn ;P

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