Flattr service: imFlattrd

imFlattrdWe love when people find creative ways to use Flattr. This is what Pelle Penttinen and Johnny Strömberg did when they created imFlattrd, where Flattr becomes personal. I asked Pelle about this service.

Why did you start to use Flattr?

I first found out about Flattr through Twitter. Some guy I follow tweeted about it being the “next big thing” and also that it got some serious potential to change the micro-payment market. At first I didn’t care much, since people tweet this stuff all the time. I took a quick peek at the promotional/instructional video and found out that it wasn’t that hard to understand and that it actually could hit a big market. Said and done, I signed up for an account and added one of those small buttons to my blog. Since I’m a quite laid-back blogger, it didn’t generate any income but I was able to give a few cents to guys (and girls) I admire for their dedication and web presence. I was amazed how well it worked and how easy it was to use. I fell in love.

This is how it happens with many of us. But you came up with an idea…

Since I always get a ton of ideas I thought it could be nice to extend Flattr to a wider market. I thought of all those people that don’t have a blog/website etc. etc. You know all those people that are just awesome IRL but lack the over-all web presence. Might sound crazy but I thought that it should be possible to Flattr them as well. This was how imFlattrd.com was born.

So what is imFlattrd?

It’s a very, very simple website that allows any Flattr user to sign up and link all their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc etc). One could call it a summary of their activity on the web. But they don’t have to link anything, it’s enough just to leave a small comment about what you do “offline” and who you are. Eg: “Hi, my name is John and I like to Flattr stuff. Also, I play the flute.”

What was the response to it?

It got a few articles around the world and the popularity grew. People that weren’t able to get any flattr back loved it. My work here was done. :)

And what are your plans for the future?

There’s still a lot to do. Mashing it up with the new Flattr REST API for one.

Since I’ve got a lot of projects, this one has fallen behind and I’m looking for someone else to take over. Actually, I don’t even know if there’s a market for this kind of service since Flattr launched their profile-kinda-thingys now. But as far as I know you’re still not able to link your other social accounts on Flattr yet, so I guess there’s still some value in the site.

To be honest, I don’t really care about where people are going to flattr other people. As long as one is able to flattr people for who they are instead of only Flattr them for what they deliver and produce. That’s the whole idea and spirit of imFlattrd. :)

Your turn

If you like the idea of imFlattred, then go and grab an account. But if you’re even more adventurous and think you could manage the whole site, contact us and we’ll forward your details to Pelle.
Or you can contact them on Twitter, either via the @imFlattrd account, to @PellePenttinen or to @javve.