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On May Day we were celebrating the hard work of the Malmö guys: the floodgates are now open and after the massive news waves on the Internet we started to see the first streams of new Flattr users! Luckily most of the comments rejoiced the changes and very few of them shouted ‘mayday’. Let’s see some of your responses:

The minimalist: Do you have some change for me?

The optimistic: Flattr steps back on rhetoric

The beautiful: Service announcement

The excited: No more active balance

The convinced: No more losing money

The promise: To continue giving

The one who returned: Flattr is back

Something even better: This is a good move

A long and deeply looking (also my personal favourite): Flattr, socialism & other idea(l)s

Or if you want it all over your face: I wanna give you

(They wanted it, all over: Flattr Than a Flat Hat & Where thoughts go to die)

What else

After @cycleek had a delicious bike trip in Lyon, France, he continued his bike trip series with Flattr: 1 day. 1 bike trip. 1 internet service

Another kind of bike trip needs your help. The aim is to do a cross country bike tour from Massachusetts to California, while stopping and working with international communities and organic farms. Help the fundraising

If you prefer cars, have a look here: My new Porsche

Flattr is spreading quickly, and now we are on Wikipedia, in Russian. If you like vodka, help them to improve! The Swedish site needs a bit of help, too: Swiki

Craftypod has shared what she’s supported last month. If you need some hints, have a look at her list: How I Supported some Free in April

Not to forget, Mattias came up with a follow-up video on his view of Flattr: About Flattr level 2


And last but not least, this week our social media intern, Josef, departed after his three month internship. Yes, we’ll miss him: Waiting for a new intern

The essence of it all

Flattr is…


2 thoughts on “Weekly Review: What about you

  1. “The promise” is by me.
    I’m still not sure if this decision is good for flattr or the content producers. I “fear” that there will be a lot more people who just want to receive money than those who also want to give. But maybe some of the new users also decide to give. Who knows. We’ll see. I keep on giving. :)

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