Weekly Review: Mention us!

The buzz about Flattr is always fun to look through, and sometimes you come across pure gems.

We’ve come across quite a few people making vlogs about Flattr, which is awesome! Here’s a new one by Kim Werker who explains to us with a good and consisting way how Flattr works from the view of a consumer. Watch it below:

At the start of this week one article in particular about Flattr and Twitter circulated the web, especially on Twitter. It was on GigaOm and posed the question: Can Flattr Plus Twitter Make Micropayments a Reality? Maybe we should flattr Mathew Ingram for it?

The other day I was listening to This is not a Podcast, and came across something I was not quite expecting to hear. They talked about Flattr, for quite a while. And even FlattrChattr our amazing little service blog right here was mentioned! You can find the episode here.

Some mentions you know more about since you’re involved in it. Like when Brazilian MTV interviewed Peter, and talked about Flattr and other crowdfunding services and ways of use. (It’s a few minutes in)

We all like charities, but getting a bunch of dead trees on your dumped doorstep whenever they ask for money might not be very inspiring. Luz thinks that Flattr really can revolutionize the whole way charity works today. Read more about his vision here.

Yesterday we published a post about the aftermath of the Twitter integration. And we just keep seeing more reactions and evidence of the success of flattring Twitter accounts. Telling someone you want to flattr them can yield a reaction pretty immediately:

@hukl: “.@__DavidFlanagan writes great books but can’t make a living of it anymore.http://bit.ly/h0vVPJ So I say: Lets flattr his twitter account!”

@__DavidFlanagan: “I’ve been Flattr’ed into joining Flattr. There’s a button at http://davidflanagan.com

Thank you everyone for sharing, and welcome to all the new users!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Review: Mention us!

  1. I used this friday to start a #flattrfriday on Twitter instead of the usual Follow Friday #ff. I flattred all the Twitter accounts of all people I like most on twitter and send them a tweet via your “Flattr a Twitter User” interface.

    Perhaps a cool idea for the first/last friday of the month? #Flattrfriday instead of Follow Friday?

  2. this is cool i can se how the flattr community and its so cool that people actually whant to pay for stuff thats free like me i hope to se even more updates to flattr in the future ;D

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