In the Flattr officeSurprisingly it’s almost the end of another month and as for that, we’ll look a bit deeper into it. Here are some blogposts that we missed so far, and a general look-through what’s happened in May (not financially, yet).

No more give to get

First of all, we went free.

Parmy Olson’s article was one of the first ones reporting about the news.

Also here is Luceo, who was happy with this move and expressed their wish to support the photographer community. He also mentioned who was their choice to flattr back then.

‘Their choice’ responded with a happy thumb up for finding another good way of building community.


An even bigger hit was to be able to Flattr Twitter accounts. Here are a few more reactions that we haven’t highlighted yet.

Let’s start with the sceptical one. Do you think if you succeed with micropayments, you would succeed with macropayments as well?

We already mentioned the post that quickly circulated about our new feature, and here is a response of Ivan Kirigin from Dropbox to that.

A bit longer

If you can have a longer look, read these – more or less Flattr related – articles.

Detailed thoughts about Flattr and other micropayment services

Stan Stalnaker’s view about the future of currency

Discussing Changing Media on the 23rd European Meeting of Cultural Journals

What’s next

Nah, we won’t share the plans yet, but look at that joint coding effort on the image! While they are working, we would be happy to get your continuous feedback about Flattr.

What else did we miss?