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I always like to read about what other people think is worth flattring (and then writing about it). This week it’s about the Lakota people, introduced with bee-u-tee-full photos: April’s Tab Goes to Matthew Williams You should all write more about what you’ve flattred!

If our users are in need, we’re here to help (to spread the word): Calling for creative Londoners You can also have a look if you find anything on this list to donate to.

We do think that writing an introductory post when starting to use Flattr can help gain some attention and clicks. And we also like to share these posts; this time from the pen of three Danish guys on an experimental web design blog: Flattr-y Will get you Everywhere Or find out what’s the similarity between Flattr and kissing from Leah Sidwell’s first Flattr post

There are always new Things turning up on the Flattr scene, opening up new horizons. Food is good, and let’s see Why Real Food Bloggers Should Use Flattr.

Marie from our team is utilizing the Twitter feature with luck. She started to flattr girls. But let her explain: Podcast + Flattr = #Datalove!!

In other words

I think it was SkaveRat suggesting on the Flattr IRC channel that the translation project needs some advertising. So here I am advertising the localisation of the Flattr website! After the recent changes there are lots of new expressions waiting for anyone to localize: I wanna translate the Flattr website.

My personal sadness is that Flattr is almost unknown in Hungary, and I wanted to change that. For those of you here who are speaking Hungarian (Show yourself!), here is a new Flattr source: Flattr for Hungary Yay!

Offline Challenge

This week we announced our first game where we give away some Flattr T-shirts! We already got a few cool examples and lots of awesome ideas. There will be a follow-up post very soon, but you can still share your examples: I’m using a Flattr QR!


A very interesting initiative turned up on Twitter (ok, I’m not talking about flattring Twitter accounts again, don’t worry), and that is to complete that #FollowFriday and share who to Flattr at the end of the week. Will you join?

Anyway, happy Flattr Friday!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Review: The power of community

  1. As co-author of Design Schemers I thank you for mentioning us, we really like the system and hope to participate in spreading it even more!

    And as being a Hungarian living in Denmark I am happy that you do not forget about Hungary, I’ll try to let more people know about Flattr there as well!

    Keep it up!

  2. How could I not spot your name on the site? Nice surprise. Wish you lots of clicks!

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