Reactions on being able to flattr almost anyone

In the tide of our awesome feature upgrades there’s been quite a buzz, and a lot of things have happened. This will be a wrap up of some of it.

We want people to be able to freely choose what to flattr. As a first step, we’re giving you the power to pick out Twitter accounts of awesome people or projects and flattr them. Read more about the details on the blog here.


You, the users, kicked the whole thing off with quite some force. Both groups of people – those already on Flattr and and a long list of those not – started receiving flattrs to their Twitter accounts.

Part of the fun is telling people you’ve just flattred them, right? We’ve come across a few sweet examples (there are more out there!) of custom messages from users wanting new people to come on to Flattr.

@kibrika: “@violetblue you do awesome stuff,so I flattred you I hope enough people do this so that it’s worth your time to claim it”

@Bakor24: “@khanacademy you do awesome stuff, so I flattred you! Claim your 2 flattrs (and more to come) here. Humanity thanks u->

@kejsarmakten: “@amandapalmer You’ve got a bunch of Flattr’s waiting for you on flattr.com #flattr

24h after the launch

Here’s a screenshot the top page after the first 24h, of things already on Flattr. (Since all Twitter things are set as English by default it was filtered as English & Swedish.)

On top we had the German blogger @holgi with 49 flattrs. His blog can be found here.

The runner up was @fanb0ys with 29 flattrs. Fanbóys podcast is a German podcast by tech enthusiasts for tech enthusiasts, that’s sometimes a bit heavy on the Apple side.

And third was @monkeydom with 17 flattrs — a German podcaster and a fanbóy. Coincidence? He can be found on tumblr.

I think that’s pretty decent for the first 24 hours after the site was up and operational again!

If you want to see all the unclaimed Twitter accounts people have flattred check it out here.

Now you can help us with answering a few questions, as we would really love your feedback on this!

Where will you start:

Now that you are able to flattr any Twitter account, where do you start?
What’s your strategy? People you just generally want to support, or accounts you actually think have a good chance of joining Flattr?

We’ll also be going through the Wishlist, of course, to find Twitter accounts you’ve all already told us you want to flattr! Post upcoming about this!

Bird can be flattred by following the picture link, more about the birds here. Thank you Kevin. If you want to help with custom designs for our posts, don’t be afraid to tell us!

6 thoughts on “Reactions on being able to flattr almost anyone

  1. Thanks for this update! I think the old wishlist is obsolet as users can now express their favorits at the unclaimed-flattrs page. Therefore it would be nice to recieve a notice if a flattered twitter user joined flattr.
    By the way awesome graphics Kevin ;)

  2. Still some open questions: What happens if pending Flattrs are not claimed, will they continue into the next month? If meanwhile the user runs out of funds, will the pending Flattr be deleted? Or the value set to zero?
    As for the Tweettrs: Would be great to have a “latest tweets” widget (like the official one) where all @ mentions automatically display a Flattr button.
    And not least to answer your question: I just went through my favorite pages and checked if they are registered on Twitter. That’s it. ;-)

  3. @Chris It’s pending, as long as … forever right now!
    If you run out of funds it will still be pending, just right it is with subscriptions. As soon as you put money into the system again, if the unclaimed thing has been claimed in the meanwhile they will get your click.
    When someone looks over the item when it’s to be claimed the clicks on the button is calculated after pending clicks from accounts with actual money on it. :)

    Good enough explaination?

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