Look for this sign!As we recently mentioned it’s time for another meetup, not much of a road trip this time thought. We’ll take this opportunity at hand and have a meetup in our home town, Malmö.

Unfortunately it seems the weather gods are not with us and the weather is predicted to be cold and rainy/cloudy. So we decided that we’ll hit the Flattr office! How cool is that! If the weather is awesome though, we’ll do some last minute changes. Please rsvp in the Comments! (tell us if you’re coming!)
This means you’ll get a chance to meet both the fatboys and our beloved Kim <3
There will be snacks and possibly some beers.

Time is set for Friday the 13th of May, 18.00-20.00. At the office, Östergatan 21, in Malmö.

The Malmö based team, Peter, Linus, Leif, Pelle, Joel, Per, Marie, Niklas and Simon, are looking forward to the chance to meet you, other Flattr users, fans, and even critics to hear all of your ideas and suggestions for making Flattr better… and further widespread. Bring your cheers, jeers, pros, cons and all the brainstorming power you can.
Bring it all on! See you then!

13 thoughts on “Meetup: Friday Malmö!

  1. There’s an entry code blockage downstairs, just ping us through irc, twitter or telepathy and we’ll send a minion to open up the gate.

  2. Yay! The chance that I’ll be there is 1-(risk of hurricane + risk of nuclear war + risk if meteors + …), which hopefully is >0.99999. In other words I’m coming.

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