Here we are at the end of the month again, the last days of May! Summer is almost here, and most of you have been sweating away with us this past month.

As we revamped our service, in the past month we’ve gotten some extra attention and new users. This post is to help you find those and give you the opportunity to tell us who to flattr!
As usual we’d love for you to send us recommendations of things you think deserve some extra attention, before the calculations start for this month. Let’s have a look!

Per Zennström wrote about the revamp we did, and joined! [Flattr]

The Document Foundation is home of Libre Office, and now available to be supported via Flattr. [Flattr]

Iamronen decided that Flattr was a “like button”, which he likes so he’s and joined. [Flattr]

Leo writes often, and recently about why indie developers should use Flattr. [Flattr]

OMG! Ubuntu!, do you like Ubuntu’s easy smooth for human beings gui? On OMG! Ubuntu you can find all the latest news relating to Ubuntu. [Flattr]
If you like Ubuntu, you might also want to tweak it? Tweak Ubuntu is designed to make it easier for anyone to configure their Ubuntu. Currently it’s designed for Gnome. I believe this is one of our few Chinese users! [Flattr]

Operating Systems Graphical User Interfaces, videos of OS-GUI stuff, forum, community, gallery and much more, can now be supported via Flattr. [Flattr]

Design Schemers are scheming to take over the world since flattry will get you everywhere and they’re guiding you to Flattr. [Flattr]

Modeling Languages is a portal for software modellers, analysts, designers and architects. Having tired of AdSense, they are now trying Flattr. [Flattr]

Sounds is a non periodical publication about music and music makers. They support non commercial, free, weird, autonomous music producers and labels. [Flattr]

Lioman wrote a Posterous guide as he entered the arena of Flattr. [Flattr]

Z Inventions is part of the Thingiverse community and has now found a fondness for Flattr. [Flattr]

You can also check out what people wanted to share last month and our archive for May.

As you’ve probably noticed we concentrate a lot on who to give to with these kinds of post, and how much people receive in our monthly revenue report. But how much are people giving? How much are you giving this month?

6 thoughts on “Last days of May

  1. I did not know that OMG Ubuntu is on flattr. Cool. They hide their button pretty well :D
    As already said in a previous post, I really like this post series. Do you think you can do that for non-english pages in the future, too? It would be great because there are a lot of awesome German pages on flattr as well.

  2. It’s great to see some of the better known names in the open source community starting to embrace Flattr, it’s to read about the addition of OMG Ubuntu and the Document Foundation.

    A couple of things that I feel are well worth a Flattr are two charites:

    Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders

    Both of these charities do excellent work, not just in their own countries but on a global basis.

    On the more technical front then Crunchbang Linux is a community run Debian based distro that is maintained by Philip Newborough, @corenominal on Philip has the system running very quickly and keeps the desktop minimal with the choice of either XFCE or Openbox desktop environments.

  3. @Florian, what we do is pick out just about any we find via rss for blogposts and tweets about people who’s started to use Flattr during the month. As far as I know I havn’t filtered out other languages, might not be that many who write about having started using it though. ;)

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