Flattr a Twitter account aka everyone who’s anyone

I love it when a plan comes together. – John Hannibal Smith

Boom! The number of people you can flattr just blew up to… hundreds of millions – you can flattr any Twitter account. And pretty much everyone who’s anyone has a Twitter account these days so fire away.

How does it work?

Someone you want to flattr not signed up yet? No fear…

1. Find their Twitter handle
2. Head over to our catalog page and look for the Flattr a Twitter panel on the sidebar.
3. Follow up a tweet, how else will they find out?!

If that person now claims their Flattr account your flattr will convert into real money at the end of the month like normally.

If they don’t claim your flattr then you don’t lose the money – the flattr stays in a pending state until they do claim their account, we then check if you still have money on your account and at the end of the month do the usual “split the cake equally” game and they get their bit.

It’s an experimental feature so please add any comments, questions, feeback into the comments. We’ll crush the bugs as we find them.

Let’s finish up strong with an epic Twitter Rap by a Flattr user Dan Bull.

22 thoughts on “Flattr a Twitter account aka everyone who’s anyone

  1. this feature is awesome! i hope someone is able to make a nice greasemonkey-script or a firefox-addon which includes flattr-buttons directly into twitter :) i know soon there may be even a status.net-version of this feature. my only concern is, that i flattered a lot of twitter users as a call that they should join flattr. but i do not want to flattr them every month again. will there be also an subscription option “unclaimed flattrs”?

  2. Greedy little sweetheart’s aint ya ;)
    Status.net will be peanuts after this. But we just want to and need to see that it runs smooth first. :) So give us sometime, okay? :)


  3. @onny: The pending flattrs will be pending until the user signs up – first then will they turn into real flattrs. They can be pending for months. Perhaps we will time out pending flattrs when they get too old – but currently they will sit there for ever – similar to a subscription.

    API:s usable by greasemonkey-scripts and similar should be upcoming.

    Regarding identi.ca and status.net – we have our eyes on them – I very much like what they are doing with OStatus and decentralization.

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  5. Is there no way to link the twitter type flattr to a particular piece of content? As in, I am flattring you for this blog post or whatever?

  6. You sly little bastards. Nice job. By eliminating the mandatory 2 euro payment and having a waiting pile of cash waiting for people to join, there is very little reason for creative content creators not to join. Who is seriously going to turn down a $100 in beer money that has no strings attached.

  7. That’s a very nice new feature, but since I don’t have a Twitter account, I second the request to enable Status.net. Please note that they have a very similar API to Twitter.

  8. @Osama as we’ve already commented, we’ve already got it in mind, and we’re getting there.
    But as for now, concentrating on making what we’ve got smooth and working, instead of working on too many things. No Jack of all trades here ;)

    You don’t have to have a twitter account to flattr twitter accounts tho! You just can’t tweet them, clearly. ;)

  9. > @Osama as we’ve already commented, we’ve already got it in mind, and we’re getting there.

    no guaranties @ all

  10. That is correct. But it’s not because it’s empty words. Just that we don’t want to promise to deliver when we don’t know when. We’re working on a lot of stuff and only got so many hands on deck.
    If it was unlikely to happen I would have the decency to say so. I myself is a status.net user. More than twitter, so I really want the feature as well. But I’m not on the coding team ;-)

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