Feedback: Who’ve you brought to Flattr?

As you know this is the first week in Flattr history that you can receive without giving. And we’re already seeing new faces on Flattr!

Now there’s been a hoard of good response to this, and some of them will be featured in tomorrow’s Weekly Review. So stay tuned for that.

You’ve had some time to think about this during the past week, and if you’reĀ  like me it’s been running in your head for a while: Who would you be able to get on board to Flattr?

A lot of you reading this are our wonderful evangelists, and you do all you can to promote Flattr and get new users on board all the time. Over the past year there’s probably been some people who’ve replied with: “Pay first? For something I dunno if it’ll work? Are you mad!?”

So now you’ve got the chance to get them on board again! I got two questions for you:
Who have you already seen get on board since this change?
And, who will you try to get on Flattr now?

7 thoughts on “Feedback: Who’ve you brought to Flattr?

  1. i have told every one i know about flattr and i hope they like it and join :)

  2. I’ll start spreading the word right now!

    [Andrew, you’ve got a point. Apparently your suggestion was promptly accepted.]

    Cheers! And kudos for the great idea, I mean, Flattr itself.

    – c.a.t.

  3. Yeah, there have been several people for whom all that financial setup with Flattr or Moneybookers just caused so much trouble that they gave up registering to the service.

    Now I keep telling about a new, better, chance to get started. :)

  4. As I told in the comments of the ‘opening the floodgates’ post, there’s actually one person that came to Flattr once I told him about the change.

    Le morse des mers :

    And, as I said previously, even if I didn’t plan to give when I added my things, once Le morse was here, I put money on my account and flattred his thing.

    I also flattred Dogmazic then, since I like their service and it only required an additional click from me :

    That’s my feedback. I also told a bit about Flattr to some other people – very few indeed – , but I haven’t got no news until now.

    There’s a lot of bands and artists I would be happy to flattr. Instead of trying to get in touch with all of them, instead of suggesting them to the wishlist – something I should definitively do somedays if I got some spare time – , I just posted a quick list on my blog, I also told about the change, and this post links to many of these artists/bands websites, so, providing they read their visit statistics, they may become aware of the existence of the service, and maybe, (I hope so) create an account and add their things.

    Here’s my blog post if someone is interested in it :

    Now if I have positive feedback – that is to say, a few people flattring my things – in the forthcoming months, I will naturally send more message to various people to tell them to join the service.



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