the official flattr t-shirtLast week was all about our fancy new online feature, but the promising Offline Flattr deserves some attention, too. Until we can find a Flattr QR on every corner, we need your help to highlight the existing ones.

Here we’re announcing a little ‘competition’: Send us your offline Flattr Things or that you came across in real life, and we’ll give you a Flattr t-shirt!

Well, that doesn’t sound like a competition, so we’ll give a t-shirt to the first ten of you who give us a hint in the comments below. (No tricks, two comments from the same person doesn’t count! But you can propose more in one comment. ;) )
Ready, steady…go!

(You don’t know what Offline Flattr is?


23 thoughts on “Feedback: Show your IRL face!

  1. Maybe if users (that create content, off or online) had the ability to have a viewable profile, with the things they flattr, like etc listed. – linked to the profile, they would have a unique QR code to them, live performers would be more inclined to adopt it?… after all, they want advertising of sorts too and Flattr provides a good platform for it. AT least on their profile page they can put their social media links (Facebook, myspace, soundcloud, flicker, etc.), where users can go and discover them more in depth. Make another tab, alongside the different types of content to flattr for : “offline flattr creators”.

    That way they can announce their upcoming performances/shows. A bridge between the offline and online world would be built, and flattrers can cross it to support creativity and performance. Does this make any sense?

    Flattr rocks (not stones)

  2. What would be awesome is a t-shirt with your offline Flattr QR code.

    Suggested taglines:

    “If you like what I’m doing with this body, help me support it”

    “Flattr me so I can buy a real t-shirt”

    “Thanks for the tip!”

    and many many more possible, including lousy sexual jokes

  3. @Ploum: That is such a cool idea. “Flattr this if you think i’m hot” ! MAKE IT CUSTOMIZABLE!!!! partnership with… wow.

  4. I already talked to some tshirt printers about QR Code Shirts, but it’s either very expensive, or the quality sucks :/

    On the competition: I know a Flattr QR Code in Oberhausen, Germany ;)

  5. Alas, I’ve not seen an offline Flattr in the wild, but I do plan to use it when I present a couple of workshops at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire next month.

  6. @SkaveRat, there’s a bunch of other services online that offer to print you a QR code t-shirt! Thanks to the laws of free market economy, competition has pushed some to drop prices enough and to increase prices enough. Google “QR t-shirts”.

    ANd if not flattr t-shirts… Flattr keychains. They’re not intrusive – as in they dont have to be attached to the piece of art/t-shirt/or other, and once people recognize the brand they’ll gladly flattr someone, even if its just because the person is so damn cool. Gotta figure out a way to make the keychain and QR code stylish…hmm…

  7. “Flattr me so I can buy a real t-shirt” +1 !

    This kind of jokes could be an advertisement to such a good idea…

  8. yea is a really great site but the app dosent work for me for some reson anyway thinking of buying a t shirt from there ;D

  9. Oh, and about an offline idea: a poster with a QR code and the label “Good deed of the day”. Scan the QR code: you are redirected to a thing, different each day. Probably a givv thing. (how to change a QR code overnight? See for example

  10. I know I’m too late for the T-Shirt, but that’s okay, I’m posting this for love and creativity :-)

    Places to put Flattr QR codes:

    1) Business cards.
    2) Final ‘contact me’ slide whenever you’re giving a presentation.
    3) At the end of your YouTube videos
    4) Embedded on your Flickr photos

    Places NOT to put a Flattr QR code:
    1) In a greeting card to a loved one
    2) On your CV
    3) Your passport

  11. – At the doorbell: “Flattr me if you want me to open the door.”
    – In the kitchen: “I’ll do the washing up today if enough people flattr me.”
    – In a photo booth: “Flattr me, or this photo will be online tomorrow.”

    Well, some more t-shirts:
    -“Flattr me and I will wash this shirt.”
    -“I’m a fare dodger. Flattr me and next time I’ll buy a ticket.”
    -“Mobile virus check – scan this image.” – and then in the Flattr thing: “Thanks. I’m virus-free.” (Or similar: “Alien check.”, “CIA check.”, “Quality check.” … leads to the message “Passed.”)

    How about a mirrored Flattr-QR on a shirt so that egomaniacs can flattr themselves standing in front of a mirror? OK, you cannot flattr yourself.

    PS: Ah yes, the thing from April 1st: – recommended to use a camera with stabilizer because your hands might be shaking.

  12. @Christoph – a lot of these examples will violate the flattr terms ;D
    The Thing already has to be accessible for free, and the button is not allowed to be used as paywall ;)

  13. @SkaveRat You are right. Also the blackmailing approach is not possible. I vote for liberalizing the Flattr rules. ;-)

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