FlattrChattr QR codeHere we are to announce the winners of our Offline Challenge and give away the first Flattr tees!

We got a nice amount of comments (never enough, though) and however most of them wasn’t about an existing QR example, we decided to reward all the good ideas as well for this time. But you should promise to carry them out!

The awards T-shirts go to:

Bakor AL-Tayar for his ideas how to bring the on- and offline world closer in Flattr (plus that keychain sounds good, too).

Ploum: because he shared some taglines that could work on a Flattr QR T-shirt (and because he didn’t share the lousy sexual ones).

SkaveRat: because he reminded us what he is working on in Oberhausen.

Kim Werker: because she’s gonna use Flattr QRs on workshops at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. (And we’re hoping to see them later on!)

Arne Babenhauserheide: for his Flattr-enabled Flyer-RPG (which may be presented at Heidelcon this weekend).

Andreas: who has a QR attached to his bag. (I’m wondering if anyone supported his studies this way yet?)

Philippe, the father of Offline Flattr: for his support and reminder that T-shirts with QRs are available on flattirl.com for months! (No excuse from now on.)

David Gilson: for giving us a detailed idea about DOs and DON’Ts regarding QR usage.

Christoph: who violated some Flattr terms, but who wants to do the washing up for free?

Congratulations to all the winners! We’ll contact you, measure you, and the tees will be right on their way!

2 thoughts on “Applause for the winners!

  1. Hey, thanks. I appreciate!

    I wasn’t thinking about winning a t-shirt at all as I was not posting a picture. But it seems that this is the perfect example of Flattr’s law:

    “Everything you post online can be a source of reward”

    Thanks again :-)

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