Our Peter

We’re getting closer to May and the excitement is growing because of our new cannonballs. We’re still waiting for the Re:publica video* of Peter’s announcement (if anyone missed it), but there are some interviews with Peter so you can stay informed:

Listen to Peter talking one day before Re:publica: Peter on Spectrum blog

Watch this summarizing interview right after his speech: Peter 2.0

Still more to come: Spreeblick interview, where Peter is talking next to a lucky golden cat. Hopefully that will bring us luck (and wealth) with the new features: Peter 3.1

Our users

We always love to read about ‘user experience’ with Flattr, and fortunately we have lots to read. You guys are really enthusiastic and that’s what keeps us going!

A heart-warming blog post about how a sceptical user joined the ever growing group of Flattr lovers: Flattr as a birthday present

As Peter suspected correctly, people are keen to pay for things they like. A very motivated developer wrote an equally motivating post to recruit more people for flattr: Cameron Rudnick wants to give you his money

And it’s all about what you value: The catastrophic change for industrial media


Many people noted – especially after Peter’s talk at Re:publica – that the Flattr concept is not clear and hard to understand straight away. Luckily many of you want to explain it to others, usually in an entertaining way:

A little “gay” article to make it clear, we need more people: Make it a “Norm” like Facebook

An easy explanation what to do: Simple steps

Or in a form of an exhaustive (the title can deceive) introduction: A brief introduction

Still have difficulties with the button? Read this if you feel addressed: A guide for drooling imbeciles

Our flood:

I kept the best news of the week for the end. As you may know already, the gates are open, and you don’t need to give money to get money via Flattr anymore: Opening the floodgates

The news flood was running quickly, with several articles discussing the topic. The TechCrunch article generated a nice Twitter wave: Less altruism, more capitalism

Well, we hope this change will also bring a big wave of new Flattr content for us to love and support.

Our life

I’m going to die here

It’s Friday, please, go outside! (After you’ve read all the above.)

(Btw, Maneki Neko, aka lucky golden cat is believed to bring luck to its owner. Usually standing in entryway to invite people by beckoning with its paw. Our cat is beckoning and saying: “Come and join us, now it’s free.”)

*UPDATE: The Re:publica 2011 video is now available on Youtube

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