Weekly Review: Talk about Flattr

While looking over the reactions from the announcement we made at Re:publica yesterday I came across some really cool YouTube videos that were explaining Flattr in different ways. And I realized that it was really good material for this week’s review.
Some of these are about a year old, but that doesn’t make them less cool. All of these videos have their own, and slightly different ways, of telling us about Flattr. Hopefully you will find one that fit you and your friends best, to spread the word now that we’ve got new features lined up! (Even if our own video is fantastic)

This was one of the first I stumbled upon. That made me realize that there’s so much more to the idea behind Flattr than I’ve thought about. Watch it and you’ll understand! (unfortunately I didn’t find a Flattr-thing for this :()

Crazy Swedish dude! He has his own way of telling us how Flattr is awesome and cool! [Flattr]

Vidde, Johanna JulĂ©n, told us about her first thoughts about Flattr a year ago. This is one of the independent videos with thoughts about Flattr that has the most views, from what I’ve found! We’re looking forward to the follow-up! About time now, isn’t it? [Flattr]

Flattr, what is it? This man explains Flattr to us in a calm and nice manner! Glad to see you’ve joined us mate! “The putter upper” (contributor) Awesome wording. [Flattr]

While you’re at it; You might actually want to have a peek at Peter’s talk that he held at Re:publica last year, here on Youtube, which became the major launch of Flattr in Germany. (While we wait for the upload of this year’s talk. I’ve heard rumors that he was barefoot!)

Have we missed some other really cool way of explaining Flattr out there? Tell us, or make your own new video!

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  1. awesome im on flattrchattr blogg :D thanks Marie. it is a littel hard for me to speak englich but i can write really good i think any ways ;) hope you all like my video :3

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