FTWSince it’s a bit more difficult to find flattrable content that has only a few flattrs, I’ll keep on highlighting some of them with the hope that you can pick one or two that you haven’t heard of. And that you like.


Wait, no. It’s not about naked girls (yet). For some reason I keep on caring about comics. However I don’t read them too much, maybe for the fact that I live with an untouchable chest-of-drawers full of comics, wrapped individually in protecting foil has an effect on me. Or maybe it’s the owner of it. Anyway, here are some that you can’t eat on:

1, Mimi and Eudice with their distinctive ears, by Nina Paley: mimiandeunice.com

2, Go and find some Easter Eggs among aliens, by Mark & Vince: The Greys

3, Self-aware news strip character in real time, by Justin and James: riotfish.com

4, And if you want to see a cartoonist living together with an elephant, a mushroom and a pony, don’t miss: Life Ain’t No Pony Farm (in EN and DE)


1, We can turn consumption into production (and then consumption) in our own gardens. So let’s dig under-ground and grow our own vegetables to “make it a better place”: punk ‘n rock ‘n permaculture

2, Alternatively, you don’t even need to dig the ground: Bra onto the fence

3, You can decorate your garden, you can decorate your fence. Now go out and decorate your street: About Street Art in German

4, This week craftypod.com will represent the crafty section – with a huge amount of content there. Dig in!


1, If you’re planning to gain some power and become the president of the United States, here is a great tool to practice: Your Way To The White House

2, Facebook already has the power, and you can even connect it to your WordPress blog: Facebook to WP Plugin

3, And now the other way around – share your Last.fm tracks on Facebook!

4, If you want to “speak” Python, read or contribute in this free dokuwiki game book, practically called The Python Game Book

+1, Well, I think it’s funny, especially the Kinect one, but maybe that’s because I’m personally affected. I’m the only one by this time who has flattred it: Kent Valentine the Gamechanger


1, You can listen to The Beatles, you can play The Beatles on your plastic guitar, and now you can learn from them: What A Web Designer Can Learn From The Beatles

2, Not an appropriate thing to write about at work, but I’ll whisper: if you want to give up your living-in-the-office-life, Adam’s blog is your guideline: Lifestyle Design, Travel and Food!

3, Either if you are working (and don’t want to run away) or still studying, Audrey’s blog can be interesting – a technology journalist covering the topic of education, more precisely Hack Education

4, But if you need more serious intervention than education, here is Andreas, who carries out brain surgery on crumpled-up paper: splitbrain.org


1, Photography for me is more about adventures and creating a story line (of my adventures). That’s why I’ve chosen Richard Hamm’s photo blog from Athens, GA who is “in love with visual storytelling”. Listen: richardhamm.com

2, Photography for me is also about faces. That’s why I’ve chosen Ignas Kutavicius’s photo blog from Lithuania who has lots of faces: ignaskutavicius.com

Naked people:

You would think that I’d finish and let you go with these relaxing photos again. But I have something more to show: Naked People!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Review: FTW

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I went for th4e Last.FM social site, and subscribed for a year.

    I hope that anyone who’s into mobile tech or cloud services will consider Flattring my blog too!

  2. FBgreeter => There is another plugin who do the same thing : “Wordbooker”. I used it when I was on FB and it works fine.

    LastFMsocial => Not exactly the same thing but you can also use a wordpress widget “Last.fm RPS” to show the last tracks you listen on your blog.

    But none of these WP plugins are related to Flattr ^^’

  3. Thanks for mentioning our webcomic, “The Greys”. A little more information for anyone who’s interested:

    * It’s a humorous comic
    * It’s drawn entirely using the Open Source program, Inkscape
    * It’s released under a Creative Commons license
    * We make the source SVG files available for download
    * Every comic has at least one Easter Egg, usually found by loading the SVG file into Inkscape and digging around
    * We now have an active community who are translating the comics into Italian

    More information, plus the comics themselves, can be found on our site:


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