Weekly Review: By popular demand!

Some, or a lot, of things end up on Flattr thanks to popular demand! I’ve come across a few examples in just the past few days, so time for a listing! We all love lists, don’t we? I must admit though, that not all things must have been added because of that; it’s new users on Flattr.

Rathole Radio Podcast [on Flattr], caved to popular demand: Due to popular demand there is now a Flattr button in the sidebar at http://ratholeradio.org You know what to do ;) Thanks! [identi.ca]
And, what is Rathole Radio?

Rathole Radio is a fortnightly Internet radio show and podcast about culture, technology and politics with humour, guests, the best in new music and even exclusive live performances.

Gimme Indie [on Flattr] is a Swedish web radio station that plays a lot of alternative music. They also do live broadcasting at concerts!

2011-03-28: We’re on Flattr now! Please donate or watch this video for an explanation.

Earlier in March Kosmopolito – “the blog with the European Perspective”, asked itself “to flattr or not to flattr?”. What do you think the answer was?

The Psychosynth project [on Flattr] also just implemented Flattr to their Collaborative Roadmap so that people can reward each others good ideas towards the project! Brilliant!

GNU Psychosynth is a modular synthesis framework specially oriented towards novel user interfaces. It also provides a 3D user interface inspired by the Reactable. It is under very active development, and is Free (as in speech and as in beer) Software and it is part of GNU and released under the GPL3.

We have mentioned this already but they really deserve some extra credit, and they are new on Flattr! Epic Fail – A D&D Webcomic [on Flattr] joined Flattr, and wrote an epic post about why Flattr is awesome for Webcomics.

I have a webcomic (Coo! You don’t say!) and with it terrific fans – in fact I’d go so far as to say the whole webcomics community is terrific. Fans and creators alike want to see the comics they love thrive and are incredibly supportive (and since you’re reading this I’ll take this opportunity to say, a little tearfully, Thanks Guys!) Yet, despite all this, only a small minority will send a donation. Don’t feel guilty – I have never donated myself. Sometimes I’ve hovered over the PayPal button, occasionally clicked, but gone through with it? Never. [read the rest]

A late edition, well quite early actually, is The Daily English Show [on Flattr]. 28th of February they added their site to Flattr.
During the entire month they havn’t gotten any clicks! But I found them to be a really good cause, and a cool simple thing! Free to use in any classes and to embed to any site! Really worth supporting.

The Daily English Show is an internet show for English students, English teachers and those interested in the English language and language study. It started in April 2006 and is now produced in Auckland, New Zealand by studio tdes.

Then, I don’t know how, I can across something a bit different! A Flattr button, on a live cam! Charlotte from the UK [on Flattr], makes youtube videos and is live on cam from time to time. Quite interresting, and definitely new for me in the Flattrverse.

Hello Everyone, this is my flatter button. If you like watching my cam or think that the videos on YouTube are good and you would like to donate a small amount to help me continue then please click it. Every penny helps. I am currently saving so i can go to exciting places and get more footage. Thanks x

We are bound to have missed other new users from March. We want to help find great new content, so if you know any please share it with us! Also, don’t miss out what people shared to be flattred the last day of this March!

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