Weekly review: A year with Flattr

A weekly review of a year? Well, let’s explain. Last week, at re:publica, our beloved barefoot founder Peter Sunde announced some new features. This was of course live streamed, and as soon as it gets uploaded we will share it here for you as well.
You can read about it in full on the blog. Next week we’ll be telling you more about the upcoming features!
For our German readers I can recommend reading this summary of the talk, or use a translate tool of your choice.

Over the past year we’ve not only learned but also proved that people want to pay for stuff. You our beloved users want to pay for content online. With a stream of currently 100.000€ a month through the system you are the proof!
Thank you all, you are amazing!

Tim Pritlove, is our poster child for the fact that Flattr works. He’s now been on Flattr for a year, and tells us about it on his blog (GER, but with nice graphs!). He’s currently earning close to 2.000€ a month in donations for his podcast projects through Flattr.

One of our most active critics wrote an evaluation of the past year, and our upcoming features. Glad to see you’re still on board with the vision and ideas for the future of Flattr. A clarification is needed though; Flattr is in no way a bank, and thus can not touch any of your money. And hopefully next weeks updates will give the explanation needed to answer some of the other questions posed.

Since Flattr’s really been in the buzz this past week a lot of things have been discussed around it, to the point where someone suggested that Flattr would be a scam. Great thing with Flattr is that we have a community of users who can explain and show how the system works in reality. Here’s an example on this French blog, where he made a comment into an entire blog post (FR).

After last weeks review, of YouTube videos, one of the featured people decided that she’d do her follow-up video. Here’s Vidde and her follow-up thoughts on Flattr

I will let Kevin, who’s helped us with a lot of amazing custom designs for posts here on FlattrChattr, close with a quotation from his brief introduction of Flattr recently on his blog:

Think of the range, potentially limitless. Going along to an art gallery or museum, seeing something you like and click, you’ve flattred the creator directly. Scanning a name-badge of a person that served you in a cafe or bar, porters, taxi drivers, the list is potentially endless.

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