Last days of April

Yes, it has ExpiredAs another month draws to a close we’re already looking ahead at some of the really cool stuff coming up in May, but now let’s concentrate on what’s left of April!
Last month’s last day we asked what you wanted to recommend and a few days later we wrapped up new users during March. This time we’re doing a mix of the both! Let’s start with new additions:

Flattr + Torrent + Movies = <3, the movie site Vodo, bases its distribution on torrent technology and now you can Flattr the movies! The money will get distributed accordingly. [Flattr]

Firebird Fiction, “The Online Broad-Spectrum Fantasy Fiction of Becka Sutton”, decided it was time to allow her readers to Flattr her for support if they wanted to. [Flattr]

Andrius Mazeika, added the small green buttons to his photo blog. [Flattr]

Stupid domain name, aka Patrik Fältström, finally visited the office and got the explanation he needed to realize how awesome and amazing Flattr is! He also added it to (swe) which is an initiative to collect information about ipv6 use. [Flattr]

Return of the public, is a blog that was published along side the book by the same name, by the author Dan Hind. [Flattr]

Jon Worth watched the presentation by Peter Sunde at re:publica in early April, and promptly decided to give it a try. [Flattr]

Keith Roshanger integrated Flatttr on his site. He might not be a new user, in the purest sense of the word, but he’s finally gotten it up on his site, and also added a small update to the Movable Type system integration. [Flattr]

Robin Elliot at apartofthings joined us in the past month with his blog. [Flattr]

Kellbot finally decided to start using Flattr after seeing it around the web. [Flattr]

Conceited Code wants to Flattr you and launched his start into the Flattr community really well. He’s Mac OS X, iPhone, and Python developer. [Flattr]

Also, watch an Iphone app! Addpod’s Juicephone. “While syncing your device, iTunes automatically backs up all of your data. JuicePhone is capable of extracting those backups so you can browse through your iPhone’s data on your computer.” [Flattr]

Loading Artist, comics! We all love comics! You know you want this cereal for breakfast. [Flattr]

Two others I’ve come across this month are Each Little Mystery and Jim M. Goldstein.

You can also have a look at last months recommendations in our comments and our own Archive for April.

Now, what would you like to recommend the community to Flattr?

4 thoughts on “Last days of April

  1. I think it is great that flattr is around.

    First time I tried to enable flattr on my personal blog. Well nothing happend.

    But I love the idea behind flattr, so now I try once again to have the flattr button on my outdoor and sports gear review site. But I do think that danish websurfers are not yet using flattr that much.

    I hope it will change over time. At least I give flattr a chance again now.

  2. Please be so kind as to flattr my humble site and do me the honor of getting my very first flattr. Looking at that big zero is getting me down, plus I really think I just need one person to break the ice and things will start to go! Thanks so much my fellow flattrians XD

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