So, here we are, more than one year after starting our mission into the unknown (kind of). And what’s happened over the last year? Quite a lot!

Why do we do this?
We love the internet, we love creators, and we think there’s a flaw in the internets tubes so we wanted to create some glue.
 We’ve now tried our first glue formula for more than a year and here are some key findings:
People want to pay!

People want to pay!
The “Everybody thinks that everything on the internet should be free; no one wants to pay” mantra constantly voiced from various lobbying groups and other organizations as an argument for forcing you to pay is wrong. Now we know you want to support great stuff out there. Flattr proves that voluntary payments work!

So, if that’s not the problem, then what is the real problem?
Apparently people don’t realize that what they do has value, sad but seems to be true. So the real issue is, enabling you to pay for ANY content, giving to all and any people creating awesome stuff. You, the giver, has to be empowered!

For this we’re loading our guns with 2 cannon balls!

1. Revshare partner integration
Integrate Flattr with your content service and we’ll gladly share the fee from our service!
 Our API will be extended to enable flattring of ALL content from any user on a partner site. This is being tested right now and will be rolled out in May. Come join us with your service!

2. Reverse service integration
If certain web services and sites still don’t get that you want to pay, we have to enable it anyway! 
From 1st of May anyone can receive flattrs, even accounts without means (no more inactive buttons around the web).
And here is the grand plan: Everyone uses Twitter (It’s almost impossible not to find people onTwitter). So from 1st of May it will be possible to flattr them via And yes, that means any Twitter account (even those without a flattr account). This will be the first of a long series of services we will enable you to flattr. You asked for it, you’re going to get it!

Extra ball: Localization
By popular demand, and thanks to the community (hooray!) Flattr now speaks three more languages, German, French and Swedish. And more will come; any language you translate for us, we’ll add! You rock! \o/

Don’t forget, as awesome as all of this sounds, it’s not us, it’s you – You’re the ones who are demonstrating that you want to pay for things even when you don’t have to, and that is truly epic.

34 thoughts on “Flattr reloads the cannons!

  1. Hi i wanted to integrate flattr to my blog, but after making my account i recognized that i have to pay and have to flattr, to recieve money. Sorry but am i understanding right, that´s there no longer a force to flattr other users, to recieve flattr´s in the Future ? Please respond…

    Hi ich hatte mich bei flattr angemeldet, aber nach meiner Anmeldung habe ich erst festgestellt, das ich gezwungen bin selbst zu zahlen, und zu flattr´n wenn ich flattr´s erhalten will. Lese ich richtig das das nicht mehr länger nötig sein wird !?

    Ich habe keine Zeit mir die ganzen anderen Seiten anzuschauen, ich kümmere mich um meinen Blog und meinen Job, da bleibt neben meiner Familie nicht mehr viel Zeit zum surfen über, trotzdem würde ich flattr gerne nutzen um ein bisschen Umsatz mit meinem Blog zu machen, wöre doch schön wenn man den ein oder anderen Cent für seine Arbeit bekommen würde…

    für alle :

  2. @onny we’re starting with Twitter, which will make it a lot easier to implement for accounts in the future! Do stay tuned. Not like our plan for world domination is to only support Twitter!

  3. This sounds absolutely incredible and I envision it will be another brilliant success for my favorite web startup, GO Flattr, GO!

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  5. as we’re mentinging in the announcement, those changes will be implemented in May! :) So you’ll have to stick around and wait, you could prepare your templet for your theme so you can just implement the buttons asap when it goes live. But right now it would say inactive if you don’t put money into it.
    But the 1st of may the buttons will be active.
    Any other questions? :)

  6. What happens to Flattr money given to people who have not yet signed up/do not sign up? Is it retained for when they eventually do? (Hope so).

  7. What do you mean by website integration? Currently, I use a plugin for my CMS (Dotclear) to add a flattr button to every content. Does it count as “integration” and will it allow me to receive more money?

  8. Lets see. I’ll try and explain this the best way I can, since this is not my area of expertise.
    The idea that is mentioned, for now, is that we’ll offer partner integration to bigger sites. There are some other revshare ideas bobbing about in our heads as well, but we’ll take one step at the time.

    Fair enough? :)

  9. think the biggest difference is that with Flattr you just set a montly fee, don’t have to think about or calculate it every donation you make, and you can just “go wild” and click on things you like.
    Unfortunately not everything can be clicked yet, but as you can see: We’re working on it! :)

  10. Thank you for the link (again)! =)

    Now, this website integration thingy, I have made a site (not opened yet, but it’s working) where you can enter your flattr ID and have your own buttons show up on your content. How is what you are doing now different, exactly? *curious*

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