Malmö/Pyongyang, 1 april 2011.


Malmö – Flattr AB (FLATTR), the company behind the revolutionary website has partnered with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (NK). NK will from today use the revolutionary tools developed by FLATTR for financial distribution to handle their state finances.

– “We’re really happy to partner with a republic so that we can try out the possibility of using our tools for non-digital products.”, says Linus Olsson, chairman of the board for Flattr AB.

Last week, a delegate from North Korea met up in Malmö, Sweden, with the Flattr team. After a ceremony, where the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il was happy to have met the Flattr mascot also named Kim, the deal was put on ink.

– “The first time I saw was on my favorite movie blog. I’m a big fan of the movies and have always been thinking of how I can give back to that community, with no possibility of doing so cross-borders. After trying out Flattr on my own blog I decided that I would like to implement the same system for our own distribution within our republic.” says Kim Jong-Il, leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The Swedish government has helped curate the deal.
– “North Korea has a long-standing trade relationship with Sweden since we financed tools for their workers in the 1970’s. We think that this deal can be an eye-opener for North Korea that we still have things of value in Sweden even though we’ve sold Volvo.” says Anders Borg, minister of Finance.

Flattr AB will get a fee of 10% of the money that is distributed, expecting a net profit for Flattr AB of 25M SEK (2.2M EUR) per annum.

Media inquiries:
Linus Olsson, +46-40-62 13000

Press images:

Kim Jong-Il trying out with Linus Olsson

Kim Jong-Il with Eileen Burbidge, deputy of Flattr AB
Kim Jong-Il with Eileen Burbidge, deputy of Flattr AB

15 thoughts on “Flattr Partners with Asian Country [april fools]

  1. Here’s my honest response from just signing up to Flattr for the first time: It sucks.

    Here’s why:
    You have to “give to get”. This is nonsense. It’s like pyramid scheme, and I can imagine it’s enough to put off those, like me, who try to put out quality content. (Note the research that shows bloggers like to feel separated from their audience — you do read this stuff, right?)

    The above is really not clear to a new user looking to add a Flattr button because their readers have told them they should get one. (Time to draw up some new personas, guys!)

    I’m in the UK, and yet my currency is Euros… and I can’t change it. Why?

    If I don’t “spend” my Flattr money, it is sent to charities that I have no control over. Why? Surely it would be extremely easy for your system to respect my own choice. How about I take some of your money and donate it to charities that *I* like?

    Sorry guys, but there’s so many wrote notes being played here that it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that I’ve never seen a Flattr button anywhere on the internet.

  2. Even if a bit misplaces (as a comment, on just not the right kind of post) I do understand your consern.

    Why it’s Euros, it’s simple that we only handle Euros, right now. There’s a lot of paperwork and legislative things behind handling money. And for now this all we can have. Options for how to change this is being looked into.

    Since Flattr is based on a flat-rate montly fee the money you don’t decide to share to anyone special that month will go to charity, we have declared which ones. You can solve this by adding a 3-6-12 month subscription to at thing you feel should get your money when it’s not spent.

    We are looking into making the signup more understandable for everyone, and to suit differnet kinds of needs. Unfortunately we can’t please everyone at the same time, we have to start somewhere and work out from there! Hopefully there will be some features avaliable soon that you will like.

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