Your happiness is our happiness, therefore we’re planning to highlight the Flattr revenue data of our users every month. I plunged myself into Twitter and Google to find people who share* their results and the joy of earning some extra money for their “free” work. Unfortunately and surprisingly I could not find too much for the last month, and not even for this year so far. So I decided to write a very motivating post to make you to share how much you earned with Flattr each month.

First, I’ll be a bit practical: As more people know and use Flattr, the more chance for you to get flattred. Spread the word and hopefully that will bring something for you too!

And now to affect your emotions, I’ll show you some examples from the earlier days of Flattr until now, and how we and all the supportive users have brought happiness into each other’s lives.

Tante’s blog started a discussion about this topic at an early (Flattr) stage and revealed some interesting questions regarding how people use Flattr, and how this new concept of paying for online content made it easier to pay for online content. While I don’t agree with him in every aspect, I like his interest and we’d be happy if he continues his experimenting.

I don’t think it’s hard to decide what to spend your money on, but here’s a good example where your extra revenue can be useful: Sdteffen earns enough money to finance web hosting costs and to renew his Antivirus software subscription. @youdaz was a bit more visual. Here is what he could buy:

Bought some energy discusses 10 methods to show your appreciation to any content provider on the net. He finds that flattring is a good way to support somebody’s work (as we all do, here), and also publishes his dashboard for February.

Now here comes the German section: Germany seems very active in button clicking, and many of them proudly shared their monthly data at the closed beta phase. They are also very kind, as made my job easy and collected some success stories of Flattr users in Germany. One of the highest earners was at that time (143,55 Euro in the first 12 days), and while they experienced some slipping in February this year, now we can see how much they’ve improved during the last few months: In turn February was a successful month for, who’s earned 210% of his January revenue. Also as estimates, the number of all Flattr subscriptions has increased with 50% as well (since Dec 2010).

After all these exhaustive reports here are some Twitter folks who simply rejoiced into the air:

@ArneBab: @maloki Full #flattr revenue at the moment: €14,77 →
1:32 AM Mar 1st

@torservers: You guys are SO GREAT! Thanks for understanding the importance of Tor! #Flattr revenue Feb: 93.44€
1:37 AM Mar 1st

@SkaveRat: #Flattr Revenue (incl. Donations): 4,77€ – thx whoever donated! :D
1:43 AM Mar 1st

@stopsatgreen: I’ve earned €2.85 from Flattr & 91p from Amazon Associates. Who says you can’t make money from blogging?
2:49 AM Mar 3rd

@marcoboelling: earned €0,09 with flattr ;)
3:53 PM Feb 28th

@OSMBlogde: Das OSMBlog ist im Februar mit 24,51€ von #flattr bedacht worden. Danke.
5:27 AM Mar 1st

@Paul_Da_Silva: #Flattr : J’ai gagné 17.75€ce mois-ci – ça baisse ^^ (The point is clear! – editor)
8:15 AM Mar 1st

@youdaz: Bought by my Flattr revenue in February…
Mar 8th

And as a conclusion, never give up:


February [Publicly Shared] Flattr Revenue Table

User Revenue Clicks Rev per click € 1296 € 876,82
torservers € 93,44
Telecomix/Werebuild € 74,80
Schockwellenreiter € 35,27
Oliver Fluck € 30,19 30 ~ € 1
OSMBlogde € 24,51
pbernard € 18,29
Paul_Da_Silva € 17,75
ArneBab € 14,77
bestatterweblog € 8,57
qubodup € 6,54 6 € 1,09
astro1138 € 6,14
dia-installer € 5,63 6 € 0,93
SkaveRat € 4,77
FlattrChattr € 3,42 3 € 1,14
stopsatgreen € 2,85
marcoboelling € 0,09
stefansundin € 0,01 1 € 0,01
ThePythonGameBook € 0,00 0 € 0,00

Would you like to share your February revenue figures with us? Please add to the Comments below and we’ll add it to our table.


A bit more Flattr-exhibitionism:

*I’d like to emphasize: we only share revenue results that were published by their owners.


19 thoughts on “What’s happened in February: All about money

  1. > “In turn February was a successful month for with 50% increase”

    Ah, you must have misread the post there (it is in German after all).

    What the article says is that the total number of subscriptions on all of Flattr has increased by 50% from December (4500) to now (6750).

  2. I think’s article does not deal with their own revenue but with an estimate of subscription numbers that they based on the number of all Flattrs performed in the system as displayed on the homepage. It is not their revenue that increased by 50% but the (estimated) number of all subscriptions in the Flattr system. (That coincides with the high absolute numbers in their article.)

  3. You’re right, thank you for the clarification. I knew I should not rely on my German knowledge… It’s corrected in the post.

  4. Thilo, I just got the notification about your comment. A bit late, but it’s there now. Thanks for that – I thought it’s about your own subscriptions, and even found a (false) way to explain the huge numbers. I’ll be way more careful with German texts from now on.

  5. Oh, I put your post into the “older” category by mistake, didn’t realize it is February revenue. My bad, sorry. This first revenue summary post is very educational for me…

  6. It’s about time we got some numbers. This is exactly what we need to try and recruit content creators to sign up.

    I know you are concerned about the privacy of content creators. Why not build into the web interface an option for them to give you permission to report their earnings?

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