SXSWDemotix was one of our panel partners at SXSW and now that they’ve joined the Flattr Community, we’d like to give you a deeper look at their system.

Meet Demotix

Freedom of speech and freedom of information are the two principles behind Demotix. Their aim is to provide a platform where people “on the street” can share their stories and have a say in news creation. They call for anyone around the world to deliver news especially from areas which are under-represented in the mainstream media. They’ve borrowed their name from the word “Demotic”, the modern language evolved from ancient Greek, and it clearly supports their ambition: to transmit news ‘of the people’.

Demotix in action

Pillow fight

You simply upload your news stories, images or videos via FTP, e-mail or their desktop Uploader, and Demotix will mediate your work to more than 200 media buyers worldwide. “Their” photos have been published on the cover of New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian, and stories licensed to hundreds of sites worldwide.

They trade non-exclusive ($50 – $3,000 USD) and exclusive (can reach $100,000s USD) rights of photographs, with these basic rules:

– You retain the copyright

– Demotix brokers them across all spaces

– You and Demotix split the fee

At the moment their community counts 17.000+ contributors from 190 countries of the world.

Flattr & Demotix

To turn the congratulatory comments into a tip for these alternative news suppliers, Demotix has implemented Flattr into their system. With those who are not registered Flattr users they split the revenue 50/50. Users who are also signed up for Flattr get 100% of the revenue from their clicks.

Demotix is not just a platform for (semi-) professional photographers to help them sell their images. It’s also a great place for us to find news that may not reach the mass media. There are different kinds of Demotix users, just like on Flattr. Some may try to make a living by it, but others just want to share their local news or the delight of being at the right place at the right time. And now they both have a new way to receive appreciation.

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