SXSW Behind The Scenes: Part I

You may have seen on our corporate blog the quick recap of how much awesomeness we had at SXSW last week, well read here for some behind the scenes “chattr” and fun gossip.

Prior to arriving in Texas and even before boarding our flights from Malmo, Tallinn and London, we had a few ideas in mind. Marketing event ninja Andrus described it this way:

We’ve been doing what I’d call the classic “Educate, leave breadcrumbs, save the world, amuse — and then fix if it doesn’t work” strategy

Educate: With our panel session

Leave breadcrumbs: We had more than 2,500 stickers with QR codes to plaster in suitable and less suitable places at SXSW. They led people to the custom mobile landing pages of either the WWF, Amnesty International or Greenpeace for flattring.

Save the world: We also custom printed t-shirts with specific QR codes for those same charities as well. We’re hoping to help drive some charitable donations and flattrs to those non-profits that may not have otherwise come about.

Amuse: Fun, but slightly risky, we signed up street performers on the fly to display Flattr banners alongside their normal tip jars.




If you were in Austin too, or just following along via Twitter and other means, let us know — Do you think we pulled it off?!