Partner Highlight: aFlattr

aFlattr, where you can get money from spending it. At least Flattr-money. Through standard affiliate programs you’ll be able to get money into your Flattr account by spending money on other sites. Currently it’s only available for Amazon through a browser extension.
Behind aFlattr stands the company The SeetheProgress UG (Flattr) with CEO Michael Grosser.
We asked Michael some questions about aFlattr:

Where did you come up with the idea for aFlattr?
I don’t know exactly when or why I thought about combining Flattr and affiliate programs, but I worked on the idea night and day.
In the end I came up with an idea to implement Amazon as the first one.

What does the a stand for?
The a stood for Amazon in the first few weeks.
In the last weeks of concept redesign and after things got a lot more serious, it changed from Amazon to “affiliated”. aFlattr = affiliated Flattr
Affiliated indicates a huge step forward. More shops will hopefully be implemented and hopefully soon.

You’re planning to set up affiliation with other sites?
I plan to implement a few other sites. First the focus will be the implementation of movie streaming, hotel and flight purchasing sites.
I’m keen to hear any suggestions.

Do you earn anything yourself on using Flattr?
I’m not earning that much from Flattr. I have one project, which is using Flattr and gets a few bucks a month.
I’m contributing a lot more to the community and to content authors via Flattr than I get.

What do you think of the future of Flattr?
I think Flattr will be huge. Flattr makes donating easy.
The best part about it: You only donate to what you like. You like one article of a newspaper, flattr it. A great indication for successful content/concepts and software.
Flattr is a great system to give the community the possibility to keep innovation up and going.

Why is there a company behind aFlattr?
The company was founded for the purpose of giving users more safety.
The SeeTheProgress UG is owned and run by myself. Hopefully it will become a name you can trust and remember on a few projects.

Do you have your own story you would like to tell the Flattr-community?
Not enough time to tell you ;)
Currently Michael is planning to rework aFlattr for better user integration and easier accessible information and addition of more affiliate programs. This is planned to start in about 4 weeks. Until then he’d really like and appreciate your input, insight and ideas about what he can do to develop it further. He can be contacted on twitter and via mail.

Let’s show him that we like his idea and want to help develop it!

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  1. Thanks marie for the interview.

    Always fun talking to you flattr guys and girls.

    aFlattr is working great, so don’t hesitate and give it a try.

    Cheers Michael

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