New theme! And an extra blog!

We’ve upgraded our blog a bit. How do you like our new cool theme? We’ve also extended to an extra blog. For more social interaction with you all.

The new theme as you can see is a bit more stylish, but still lightweight. On top we’ve got menus for all the cool categories we now have on site, so that you can keep track on what you feel is more relevant to you!
Feel free to poke around and check it out. We’re still tweaking, as always!

The new blog is called FlattrChattr and is focused on giving you news about FlattrĀ and feature articles about cool stuff surrounding it. Here is also where you will be getting some awesome back stories about Flattr related stuff.

FlattrChattr is run by Flattr employees, but with a bit more (can it be more?) relaxed feeling, and regular updates. It’s going to be about all the Flattr-goodies out there.

We hope you’ll like these small updates from us!

5 thoughts on “New theme! And an extra blog!

  1. I loved your theme from the first second I saw it :)

    @SkaveRat: I think the header is okay because this blog should look more seriously than the FlattrChattr-Blog.

    Best regards

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