Flattr newsTo give you a bunch of reading for the weekend, you can expect a summary post every Friday on FlattrChattr that brings together all the awesome write-ups about Flattr and its community. Scottandjames.com is one of them. You can read his understanding of Flattr here, which I like and agree with. We really would like to make it easy (in every aspect), that’s why we started this site to collect all the Flattr-related buzz out there.

Flattr is all about appreciation of quality and talent. You wouldn’t think so (well, you are probably already a Flattr user, so you would think so), but people are keen to help and pay for “free” things they like or find useful. Another post from Scott points out some questions regarding people’s behaviour in terms of realizing and appreciating talent (in unexpected circumstances). It isn’t too promising that one of the world’s biggest musicians earns only $32 for his performance incognito at a Metro station (per hour, though). On the one hand nobody recognized him (embarrassing, I’ve never heard of him), on the other, almost nobody cared. This could activate our pessimism quickly, but here is an article from Claire Gordon on The Huffington Post, that cheers us up by showing the humanity behind the digital dollop.

Unlike analysing your beauty-recognising skill on the underground, this article on The Economist discusses user attitude regarding micropayments. It counts Flattr as a system that eliminated all the disadvantages / uselessness of micropayment (or rather money sharing) systems and created an easy way to Like something with money involved.

To put it all into business context you can find the Flattr mechanism visualized on the Board of Innovation blog. According to them (they know, this is their profession) Flattr could be a way to rock the outdated royalty and copyright system. We’re working on it!

We still haven’t run out of heart-warming news for this week: As you may have heard you can now flattr charities! In cooperation with givv.org now you’re able to support charities through your Flattr account. We’ll post about all of these charities later on.

We’re interested in your opinion (and we would also like to receive a bit more love into this scale) regarding everything Flattr, so please comment, tweet, Like, digg, stumble upon, reddit, identi.ca…and flattr!