Last day of March!

April is on it’s way, spring is almost here (you do not want to know what kind of weather we got in Sweden today!!) and it’s the last day of March, ergo last day to flattr things this month! Are you as excited as we are?

We hadn’t planned for this (I must admit) but we thought; why not give you all a terrific opportunity to share what you think people might have missed and that deserves a flattr this month!

We are offering you our comment field as your playground. Of course you can use Twitter,, Facebook or whatever your fancy, as usual, as well! (if you do not want to get stuck in our moderation filter only pick one or two urls per comment)

Hopefully this will be a monthly reoccurring thing! But maybe earlier than the absolute last day of the month! ;)

You can also check out our month of writing in the archive for March. (and February since we didn’t a post like this last month!) Maybe you find something in there that intruiges you?


12 thoughts on “Last day of March!

  1. I’ve just started using Flattr on my blog. If you need tech how-to guides, like reading about mobile tech, or even enjoy a bit of physics; then I’d find a Flattr very encouraging!

  2. To be fair guys, I didn’t expect only self promotion! But that’s okay too, I understand the eagerness to get some appreciation! :)

    Hope it helped! :)

    Now we only got 35min left till the END! :>

  3. Rathole Radio is one project that is well worth a flattr. Dan Lynch has worked tirelessly to promote independent and unsigned artists and has produced a show every fortnight for 2 years. However despite his hard work Dan receives very few donations towards the costs of this popular podcast. He has just added flattr donations within the last week. Check out the show and click on his flattr button at

  4. In keeping with the spirit of open source then the micro blogging Android app Mustard by @Macno is also worthy of a donation. Macno has developed this tool and made it available to the Android community since November 2009. This has matured into one of the best micro blogging tools available on the android phone. What started as a personal project recently hit 8000 downloads in the android marketplace. Go to and give his f lattr button a click :)

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