Japan newsLooking at the shocking news, we would like to draw attention to the charities you can flattr to givv support to Japan.

First of all, the City of Yokahama Japan Disaster Relief Fund is a new givv.org account that you can flattr, created especially to support the relief efforts in Japan: Japan Disaster Relief Fund on Flattr »

“Up to 100,000 children have been displaced because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.”
Save the Children has launched a £1 million appeal to help families affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

The American Red Cross is offering assistance to the Japanese Red Cross and provided shelter and comfort to people forced to evacuate from their homes in Hawaii and the West Coast.

Doctors Without Boarders currently has a team of 10 people conducting mobile clinics and assessments in Miyagi prefecture, and they are identifying specific needs — including oxygen, non-food items, medical items and water — and will work with Japanese authorities to assist these populations.

Links to support Japan via Flattr:

Japan Disaster Relief Fund »

Save the Children »

American Red Cross »

Doctors Without Borders »

Also, you can find a summary of 7 quick ways to help on Mashable.com »


6 thoughts on “Flattr for Japan

  1. Thanks for the advice.
    I did not know that those organisations are on flattr. I immediately flattered some of them. It’s great to see how flattr can be used. Even if the amount is not that big ;)

  2. That’s nice, but you are still actively supporting an organization that has cheered for the Japanese earthquake by keeping them on your list of automatic charities:



    I’d really like to know if you are going to keep giving money to these people. In that case, I will be forced to stop using your service, because I can not use a service that supports hateful organizations like this.

  3. If you want to avoid your money going to SeaSheherd’s you can make sure to flattr something else every month, the most simple way to do this is by adding a subscription to at least one thing, then you know none of your money go to them.

    And I would also recommend reading his poem out of the context that he’s “hheering” for Japanese earthquake and look at it as just a poem, what do you feel about it then?

    And in the 4th comment at http://www.japanprobe.com/2011/03/14/paul-watson-tsunami-that-killed-hundreds-of-japanese-was-divine-punishment/ is a text pulled from his Facebook. Partial quote: “I had friends on that forlorn shore and I was not insensitive with my poem – the words came in response to the tragedy and I have long accepted that poetry is an eruption from the heart and is not to be denied.”

  4. I am not concerned about my personal money going to Sea Shepherd. I am concerned about doing business with a company that actively supports Sea Shepherd.

    And no matter how much the man himself wants to claim he was “not insensitive”, Sea Shepherd is still a hateful organization of bullies and borderline racists, who I do not want to support in any form whatsoever.

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