In January they were on USA top 50 rock radio chart and they use Flattr, how amazing is that?

Abused Romance consists of four band members; Meir Yaniv on vocals and guitar, Amit Ofir on guitar, Aetam Jakob on bass and Roy Chen on drums. The band started to create music, as Abused Romance, together in 2006. Since then they have been creating the songs that are about to be released on their debut album Shine. Release date for the album is set for mid 2011.

Knowing, and truly feeling, that it is what the fans ultimately will take with them from experiencing their music, the band strive to be authentic.

At the end of December they added the official video of their song Vaporize to Flattr as their first Thing. Together with the YouTube link on Flattr they were off, and soon got the attention of some Flattr users.

A top chart band on Flattr felt quite interesting, so we decided to ask them some questions about it:

How did you find Flattr, and why do you use it?
– We found Flattr through a friend that recommended it to us, and fell in love with the idea. We use it because we think its a great way for us to share our music and our passion about what we do, and it’s an amazing platform for fans to show their appreciation, respect and love for artists.

What do you think about filesharing, commonly called piracy?
An artist – doesn’t matter if it’s a musician, director, actor, writer, painter – puts a lot of hard work, time, effort and passion into his work. They pour their hearts souls into it, and it’s usually born with blood, sweat and tears. They share their emotions and experiences with you, and make you FEEL something. Which we believe is priceless.
We are aware that music and art are available online like on YouTube and similar websites.
So if you see or hear something that you like – Support it – and Flattr is a great platform to do that.

What does your label (Freeway Records) say about you using Flattr?
– Our label is very supportive of us using Flattr.
They believe it’s another avenue in the music industry’s future.
We try to be very involved with all the technology, internet and new platforms to share our music and communicate with our fans.

If you want to know more about Abused Romance you can find them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Flattr of course!