Welcome to FlattrChattr!

FlattrJelly created by Olof Bjarnasson
Hello, world! We decided we want to have a stronger connection with all of you, but one that’s not restricted to the more informational company blog.

Here we’ll be highlighting and talking about specific profiles, people, projects and activity around Flattr. We’ll also be offering some howtos and suggest more partners, and free and open source (or FOSS) related flattrable things.

We’re hoping to get your feedback on the things that we do, and also to help us find those charming pieces of flattrable content that might be hiding out there.

Which are your favorite gems that you’ve found through Flattr? Do you have a Flattr story you want to tell? Give us a shout and we’ll get working on it, either together with you, or just from your information and pointers. We want to share your stories!

And finally, did we miss something you think we should cover or do? If so, please tell us here in the comments, on Twitter or identi.ca.

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