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The joy of Flattr has spread far and wide beyond English-speaking countries, so we thought it was high time forĀ  translations. We needed the community’s help, and made a small note of this on the forum.

We decided to target 5 languages for the first translations — just as a start. We’re using Crowdin to crowdsource this and are so grateful to all of you for your help!

Current statistics show the following.

Swedish – 34%
German – 68%
Spanish – 13%
French – 100%

    The French translation was done within 24hrs (viva la france!) Now we’re just waiting for the verification to finish! \o/

    So, what’s next? What other languages would you like to add? Leave a comment!
    Want to help out? Go here!

    18 thoughts on “Translation of

    1. I can make the Arabic translation if the texts that I’m translating are going to be under a free license (CC-BY is ok).

    2. Carles, Lidel drop us a support ticket saying that you want to so can we open that language in crowdin.

      ToliPu, an admin will check the translation and verify it.

      Osama, we are not sure how it will work with right-to-left written languages yet.

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