Last months calculation is currently being adjusted.

We made a small brain fart regarding the order of how we execute the new donation system, which made our logic break a bit. Due to this, the full monthly amount was subtracted even for users that registered mid-month – you’re supposed to get a reduction of the monthly amount to correspond to the time you’ve been on the system.

Since we just implemented the donation feature we have been watching the calculations a lot extra. Our top priorities are always security and that everything is correct – and on top of that being transparent about what’s happening. It’s your money so you deserve all the correct information about it.

As a result of this some of you might notice a difference in your pending revenue transaction.

We’d love to blame Yoshi for peeing on a server but he’s innocent!

5 thoughts on “Last months calculation

  1. I guess it’s a good thing we have a ten day delay built in to the system then! So this blog post doesn’t refer to any money that has already been paid out – it’s just a matter of adjusting pending payments.

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