Flattr Rest API, finally public!

So this one is long overdue, at least if you listen to our developers, so here it is; The Flattr REST API

You can find all the info you need on our API page, the Rest API docs can be found on developers.flattr.net. Go nuts and do some kick ass apps!

The Flattr android app uses the Rest API and is a great first example of what you can do.

The best place to get help with dev is just as before the forum at forum.flattr.net. It’s full of very nice people that we truly love. <3

We have also updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The previous version was to not to ours or your liking. We have battled this out with our lawyers to get them as user friendly as possible but we got to tell you, terms are a hard thing to do nice, the combined effort of the lawyer world seams to be bent on doing them as cryptic and wide as possible.

9 thoughts on “Flattr Rest API, finally public!

  1. Um, I think the year is wrong at the top of the terms and privacy policy. It’s 2011 now, guys! ;)

  2. Awesome job guys! :)
    Having the rest api out there will definitely boost the possibilities for implementations and different applications!

    This will be awesome! :)

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