13 thoughts on “The Flattr T-shirt is here!

  1. word@pablog! Gief stickers! Also, would be nice with big arrows with “flattr” inside. Or perhaps not. Stickers anyway :D

    (in 50 years we’ll have irl flattr stickers that actually flattr something ;) )

  2. @Martin We send out t-shirts, stickers etc to people that contribute to the flattr community.

    @pablog @Hampus We have stickers, not sure why they aren’t for sale yet. I’ll look in to it.

    @skaverat LOL

    @maloki @ WyriHaximus glad you liked them :)

  3. Presumably I can get this for free? or for a micro-payment right? And it better be a “no sweat” shirt, or is it hand stitched by kids in India to maximise your profit?

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