10 thoughts on “Payout to Moneybookers

  1. still, the real good news would be support for deposits and withdrawals via IBAN. it would cut loose one more middleman, since IBAN/BIC transfers are free of charge within EU. (fyi: your plain bank account has an IBAN)

  2. Many, many thanks for challenging the global financial hegemony!
    The plutocracy’s blackout of “real news” here in the United States is disgraceful. They clearly have no shame.

  3. We are looking for more options, IBAN is one of them, paysafecard another. Can’t say when/if they will be added, but this is a priority for us.

  4. Great to hear, i’m also looking for alternatives to VISA, Paypal, moneybrookers etc after their muddling in political censorship. IBAN would be fine.

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