Lot’s of users have asked for this feature so we are very happy to announce it. The Flattr subscriptions have arrived.

It’s an auto-flattr feature that will flattr a thing automatically for the coming 3, 6 or 12 months.

To use it: flattr the thing, then click the button again and choose how many months. On your dashboard you can now check or cancel your subscriptions.

We also made a bunch of other updates, but as they are quite boring in comparison we will tell you to find your favorite stuff and subscribe to them instead of reading this blog =)

36 thoughts on “Subscribe to your favorite things!

  1. Ok I definetly love this feature I have been waiting for it since the beginning.

    But I think it would be realy nice to be able to subscribe forever.

    But even more important IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME!!!

    I use the newest 3.x Firefox on the Mac and I cannot subscribe it loads the Flattr description page instead of the window to subscribe :-(

  2. If it doesn’t work it’s probably a caching problem. Empty/reload cache.

    >Is it a deliberate design decision not to include a “subscribe >indefinitely” option?

    Yes, but since a lot of users have requested that feature we might add that option anyway.

  3. I’ll 2nd the request for a ‘subscribe >indefinitely’ option. Turning off an indefinite subscription looks easy enough to do. It would be much more work to worry about tracking which ones are expiring. Make it easier for the ones putting money into the system.

  4. Great new feature! The way you implemented it is great too, without cluttering up the dashboard. Thanks! I too would like it if indefinite were a possibility.

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