New button design coming!

In the last months the share-like buttons floating around the net has confirmed to a more standardized format. We also have not been satisfied with the design of our button so here comes new buttons!

The new button will not only change design it will also change size a bit. So you know what happened if the button does not fit your page design.

The new buttons will look like this:

(Sizes are: 55 x 62px and 110 x 20px)

We will also change the look of the static button making it more unique in appearance, two badge like button are also added:

The behaviors are the same as before, but with the new design we hope to clarify that behavior for new users.

The update will come live quite soon. Hope you like it!

24 thoughts on “New button design coming!

  1. The new font and the colors are… ehm… ugly. Any chance that there will be an option to use the old buttons?

  2. Sorry guys, but the «Flattr this!» text on the new buttons is quite ugly, don’t you think so? I like the speech bubble thing, but leave the text as it is, please!

  3. Well that means i need 5 more pixel it seems.

    Are there plans to have a default static button that is replaced by the dynamic button if javascript is enabled?

    Currently no Flattrbutton is shown if a browser has Javascript disabled.

  4. Could you offer this in other colors as well? I think the shapes and the logotype are strong enough to recognize you. But the colors are … well … Best would be to put some color hex values in the URL.

  5. Will the new button images just replace the old ones? Or will there be new values for the JavaScript “button” parameter?

  6. I second Dragan’s suggestion. A choice of colors would be nice.

    About the new design… I don’t like it at all. The Flattr font is unreadable especially the “F”. And the text doesn’t seem to be antialiased.

    And it seems to take too much visual space.

    And well, it just doesn’t look elegant, compared to the original.

  7. All existing JS buttons will be updated, automatically.

    Colors might come in the future for now we want the button to be easily recognized.

  8. Not cool, guys, not cool at all. I don’t mind the new design, looks fine.
    But you can’t just make such a change with only one day prior notice. Even on your own blog the design is broken as of now, because the WordPress plugin has not yet been updated. Very unprofessional behavior, and that does not suit you well.

  9. :-(

    Great Job Flattr, really! What on earth got into you when you decided to remotely break web designs by increasing button sizes overnight?!

    [Flattr -1] if I had the option here

  10. yes it is the same font as the flattr logo, but its a difference if you use big font sizes or squeeze it into 14pt. The Logotype indeed looks pretty neat but the font in the button gets too unreadable because it isn´t designed to be used in such small sizes.
    the first few letter are hard to recognise… youve got to look twice at it to see that its an F and an l instead of an A.
    it´s difficult to read at all.

  11. There’s one thing I’d like to point out: The button’s (not to mention the site’s) colour scheme is the kind that might confuse even a slightly colour blind user if one is not careful. The red and the green are so light that they can be easily mixed between the two for a colourblind person. This is especially true now with the buttons in the wishlist, where you really have to look to see if it’s green or red. You can use a filter to see what I mean:

    Not that it really affects the site currently, but probably useful to know just in case.

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