We’ve had a couple of harsh weeks with 2 co-workers indisposed, server failures, rain and just bad luck. But we are beginning to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. We have a new co-worker, Yoshi. He’s not that productive, but he’s very cute and cuddly and I think he’ll boost moral aboard the Flattr ship.

In homage of better times, Yoshi and everything else that is good in our lives we’ve prepared a small update for you. These are the recent changes:

We’ve uploaded a new version of the wordpress plugin. The plugin will now load the latest version of the JS API (0.6). We’ve also made a small fix that should speed it up a little bit.

The Rest API
We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs and inconsistencies that our beta testers reported. And are one step closer to a public release.

Another update, that will please all comic, image and video bloggers out there is that things no longer require a title or description. These things will however not be listed on flattr.com. We decided that listing things without any description or title would be rather pointless. Your dashboard will now list your ‘incomplete’ things so that you can find and edit them should you want to have them listed on flattr.com

We made the wishlist public so now you can see and vote for things other users have submitted. We also added a bookmarklet for the wishlist, that will allow you to easily submit new things to the wishlist simply by clicking on the bookmarklet. To ‘install’ the bookmarklet just drag it to your bookmarksbar. Pretty simple :)

Spread the list around, time to show the world what you want to Flattr.
Here is the Wishlist >>

Next update will feature one of our most frequent requests, Flattr subscriptions. But more about that later!

Have a nice weekend, -The Flattr team

4 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Nice work on the wish list.

    I tried to add “gutenberg.org” but it says I can’t add the same thing twice, yet it is not listed.

  2. It lists the first 100 the list is way longer, if someone else adds gutenberg.org it will get 2 and popup on the list.

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