Flattr re-arranges board and stuff!

As Flattr is growing, we also needed to re-arrange the board to make things operate a bit more smoothly.

Peter wanted out of the administrative tasks, since he is not living nearby and travelling quite a bit. He has therefor decided to step down from the normal board of directors. He remains onboard in other capacities, see below.

Flattr has also grown the board. Instead of 2 people, it is now 3. Linus Olsson (@bonq) has taken over as the chairman, as he is also working as the day-to-day operational manager.

Eileen Burbidge (@eileentso) from White Bear Yard has also joined. She is also a part owner of the company. Eileen has previously worked with Skype and Yahoo! to name a few of her many ventures.

Third member is Jan Erik Fiske. Jan Erik has previously been one of the people behind the success of Bredbandsbolaget (The Broad Band Company) and currently he is the chairman of ViaEuropa.

In addition to the new board, we have also decided to start an advisory board. The advisory board will guide Flattr with inspiration, experience and other key elements for future success.

The chairman of the advisory board is Jonas Birgersson, founder of Bredbandsbolaget, Framfab and currently the chairman of Labs2.

Peter Sunde has also joined the advisory board to make sure that Flattr is still operating in his values.

We hope this will prepare us better for the future!

9 thoughts on “Flattr re-arranges board and stuff!

  1. Peter stepping down? I don’t like this, every article written about Flattr has referred to the cofounder because of his ties with The Pirate Bay.

  2. Oj vilket lyft ni gör. Kul att se att Fiske tar plats i styrelsen! Fortsätt ert mycket bra arbete!

  3. Are you collecting donations for WikiLeaks.org?

    Thank You,
    mary Mulllarkey
    Chicago, Illinois, USA

  4. Yeah, wl has a flattr account, it has a ‘verified’ symbol on its page so you know they’re the real deal

  5. I am an old friend of Jan-Erik Fiske. He spent time with my family when he studied at Stanford. If you can let him know I am looking for him I would greatly appreciate it!

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