Announcing Flattr Wishlist: What do you want to Flattr?

There must be a lot of things online that you’d like to flattr – we want to know about them!

Go to this page and tell us >>

We’ll try and contact the people behind those things you like and tell them – “Hey there are people who want to flattr you!”

It’s time to start the revolution for real so help us spread the love and cake. You’re the people who will make this happen. It’s time to let people know that Flattr is a great way of showing just how much you care.

12 thoughts on “Announcing Flattr Wishlist: What do you want to Flattr?

  1. How about showing the list of submitted things so that people can upvote agreement for getting that item on the list.

    This will do two things.
    1. You have have a number of people to show the individual or group as to the amount of interest.
    2. You can easily focus your efforts on the most popular items first.

  2. @Manu – I agree with your idea about Google Moderator. They only have a 4 person coding team. For something as simple as this, sometimes an out of box solution works well.

  3. Can we PLEASE have Direct Debit so that Flattr automatically takes my monthly means so I don’t have to constantly go on that moneybookers site?


  4. I would like to Flattr:

    Posts on discussion forums

    Comments on blogs

    Blog posts


    Free software downloads, including like Dragan says all of the packages within my Linux distro.

    I’m not much of a social networking tool user, but if I were I like to see flattr buttons in places like Facebook and Twitter…

    I know you’re already busy with a lot of these things, but these are the sort of things that might best be done by approaching the SW developers themselves…

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