August just flashed by, almost like time just vanished into thin air. The month has felt really short! Maybe because of the sun outside…

Updates regarding payouts: The past month saw a big increase in pay outs over July, which was a big increase since June (and of course – a big increase since May…)… so it’s all going the right way!

One thing we noted is that money was now spread to a lot more people than the previous months – a quite big jump as well.

Most of the new signups that came due to the open registration had a limited amount for the month since we decrease the monthly sum based on how many days you’ve been part of Flattr when you sign up (ie. if you sign up the last day of the month, we don’t take the full amount, but calculate how many percentages of the month you’ve been active).

Next month will likely see an even bigger increase in money flowing through our system – and hopefully, to even more people!

Flattr has been very stable and we’re now starting to partner with non-web services! Some secrets that is now a bit more open (since we tweet about them): We’re integrating Flattr into some media players. That means that you might be able to Flattr your favorite media pieces in the future – that’s why we love our API. It’s still being tested but if you’re interested in helping us testing it – just ping us on our contact form!

We’ve found another team member! He’s a laidback northerner called Joel – we all wish him welcome!

Leif & Joel chilling

Next week Flattr is visiting the country where the system is adopted the most – Germany. We’re going to have a small booth at All 2gether Now in Berlin. We’re staying 7-8th september, and we’ll do some talks as well during the conference and camp! Hope to see alot of our users there!

9 thoughts on “August done and welcome Joel!

  1. Is it possible to integrate Flattr in application programs? Such as a button in the “About” window saying “Flattr me”?

  2. It’s nice to learn that “the past month saw a big increase in pay outs over July”, but … why don’t you get real and put up some numbers?

  3. Great to hear this!

    I’d like to encourage you as I believe that flattr is a great way to support musicians, bloggers, artist and whoever brings out stuff that inspires and that we LOVE!


  4. @Thiemo
    Second that!
    That would be very interesting to see, openness always would be good.
    However, things seems to have been developing to right direction right from the first day I ever laid my eyes on Flattr, so I think you staff know what you’re doing :D
    I have very high hopes on this and support it fully!

  5. @Thiemo +1

    I would like to see some numbers to, both when it comes to payouts, new registrations and active members… I get that some of these numbers are super secret but some numbers, percents or whatever… Im sure that more people would consider flattr if you can show that the system works and the service is growing… :)

  6. I agree that Flattr needs to start posting numbers instead of saying that numbers are up.

    We know that overall the numbers are small. But most people who have joined in for this have done so because they like the idea and want to see it succeed.

    Just post the monthly total number of contributing flattr users. Monthly total of funds allocated. And the top 10, 25, 50 earners for that month and how much they pulled in.

    Even if someone is only bringing in as little as $100 a month that is good news to web artists. People can then look and see who is successful at raising funds and how they do it.

    Techdirt, wikileaks, torrentfreak and NoScript are surely bringing in a few bucks.

    If we want to get our favorite artist, authors, open source projects & charities to join in, they have to see some tangible evidence that there is a benefit for them. As it is, I think most artists think that this is just some on-line scam when their fans ask them to join up.

    Once you hit the critical mass of some of the more popular content generators signing up, THEN more paying flattrs will see that it is worth while to join in.

    You need to hand your supporters some ammo if you want to see progress get made.

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