Vote for Free Flattrs!

Do you like the idea of getting some flattr’y for free?  Or how about getting extra flattrs so you can flattr others for free?  If so, please give us a vote and positive comment here (this week only):

We’ve applied to Innovate 10 Launch Pad which is the UK Technology Strategy Board’s £600k (720k €) competition for disruptive solutions, and entered “Free Flattrs” in the digital category.  Our video entry will look familiar to you, and the goal behind this application is to inject more “currency” (flattrs) into the system and either give all of you free flattr-ability (to flattr others with) or add more flattrs on top of what they earn from other Flattr users.

So if this sounds like a good idea to you, please add a comment to the competition site and tell the judges why flattr should win. (only 1 per person and for the rest of this week, they are a bit picky about getting spammed)

More competition details and rules are here.

7 thoughts on “Vote for Free Flattrs!

  1. I do not understand how “Free Flattrs” are different from Flattr itself, or rather what “Free Flattrs” are about.

    Please explain, also on your contest submission.

  2. I strongly belive in Flattr being a great tool for creativity to flourish. It would be an honor to through this make an even bigger footprint. It is all about the people! Best regards / Kristian

  3. @Daniel

    free flattrs that are yours to give, i.e you’re allocating money with your clicks that you did not put into the system (or earn from flattrs). I

  4. @Daniel,

    To further expand on @agge’s reply, the idea would be that free Flattrs would be funded by this grant/innovation competition award — and not from users’ Means accounts. So in effect we would be “seeding” the system with extra liquidity or value in order to measure any effects or impact. Thoughts about how we might do this include increasing the value of flattrs in a month (for free, ie without it “costing” users from their Means accounts) or preloading flattrs into users’ accounts without them having to purchase/load up their Means via payment.

    What do you think? If you like the idea, please submit a positive comment to the competition entry page.


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