Welcome Pelle & WikiLeaks!

First we should start with some internal news – we have a new person in our team! It’s Pelle (@voxpelli) who is a master at social networks and we’re really happy to have him onboard! He will work with extending Flattr to outside of just Flattr. :-)

Then some other news. A lot of people have of course read about the fact that WikiLeaks has started using Flattr – and we couldn’t be more happy about it.
Flattr is about an open and fair world and we share these values with WikiLeaks and we’re really happy if we can help them out.

We’re cleaning up code and preparing to go out of invite-only beta, to be an open beta. Small steps, one at a time.

Oh, and if you want to meet us, we’ll be at All 2gether now in Berlin 7-8 of September…! Hope to see you there!

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