Flattr now open for everyone!

If you thought we were just a bunch of lazy guys hanging out at the beach all day drinking rum cocktails with tiny pink umbrellas. Well, you thought right. But we do manage to put in some work between the drinks and today we are happy to announce what some of you already know. We are now in open beta!

The road has been long and hard but we are finally there, and we are really excited about it! Just look how happy it made Linus! :)

But that is not all, we took the time to improve a few things as well:

  • No more invites, anyone can join!
  • New design, some changes to freshen up the site in general.
  • Facebook integration, publish your new things and what you flattr to your facebook feed.
  • Facebook Application, you can now show your Flattr things on your Facebook profile.
  • Twitter integration, publish your new things and what you flattr to your Twitter feed.
  • Better user experience, improved sign-up process and dashboard.
  • New JavaScript API, complete revamp.

We love what we do and we love that you love what we do and we love you!

43 thoughts on “Flattr now open for everyone!

  1. That’s good. Looking forward to identi.ca (and StatusNet in general) integration.

    P.S. did you notice?
    Twitter integration, publish your new things and what you flattr to your *facebook* feed.

  2. identi.ca please! And maybe a support for some anonymous payment system would be great…I recommend Paysafecard.

  3. Isn’t flattering a flattr kind of redundant considering that everybody using it already payed 10% fee when depositing the money? :)

    Just a thought …

  4. Well done!

    I’ve been testing Flattr for a couple of months now and I think it picked up quite some momentum! There’s many reviews now also overseas and not only in the German speaking blogosphere…

  5. Great improvement! Congratulations for this micropayment idea. This is really fresh and fair bussines model. I like it.

    One question: I can not find my submitted things on Flattr, niether through Search. What is happening?

  6. i guess you can handle it: “stay updated” sounds better than “keep updated” in my eyes.

    a nice idea and service!

  7. I wait for a different kind of Facebook integration: I don’t want to spam people about what I have flattred but I want to give & receive flattrs for posts etc. on Facebook (similar to the “like”- buttons there).

  8. Great! Now did you also stop forcing people to use Darth Paypal? Recently got a “Did you forget us” mail. No I didn’t. I was just disappointed that I couldn’t pay you without selling my soul.

  9. I don’t see a link to a signup form, or even a single link to your website on this blog!? Am I missing something?

    Seems like that would drive better traffic than making people type “flattr.com” into their browser….

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  11. Nice!

    This post is going to get traffic from people who don’t know what flattr is, so you should really link to the frontpage or describe it here!

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  13. Do links suck so much that Leif doesn’t post one to the site he’s mentioning?
    A link really wouldn’t hurt, you know…. :-/

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