Looking for integration partners

Our REST API is almost ready!

Now it’s time to start the first bunch of partner integration via API with Flattr.

If you run a service and would like to integrate Flattr for your users, please drop us a line with info about the service to partners (at) flattr dot com.

Since we’re still just a small team, and two people actually sick this week (damn swedish summers) it’s on a first come first served basis..

Hope to see some cool integrations soon!

17 thoughts on “Looking for integration partners

  1. Partner integration – this sounds very cool. Is this, for example, when i can in future upload Videos on Youtube and insert my flattr-code to youtube, so youtube will be able show my flattr button under my videos? (It’s clear that Youtube would’nt do this, anywhere, just for example) ?

  2. Please contact Issuu and see if they’re interested in working with you!
    I feel Flattr and Issuu would make a great team and their publishing platform is pretty big worldwide.

  3. Hi people,

    I am interested. Where can I found more information.



  4. What’s the difference between “integrating” and using one of the many plugins you developed?
    I can think of ways our video game community could use this, but I am not sure what “integrate” truly means.

  5. Since wordpress.com is very cool, and flattr is very cool, as well, I’d be happy to have a plugin for a dynamic flattr button in wordpress.com. To date, it is not allowed to use JavaScript or iframes, thus, only a static flattr button is possible. WordPress.org already supports flattr, but as a free-time blogger, I don’t think a self hosted blog is necessary. Is there progress of plans for a dynamic wordpress.com integration of flatter?


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