News this week

Usually we release new versions of the site on Thursdays – but we decided to do it today since it’s holidays on Friday. We want a full day to be able to pick up bugs :-)

The news this week on the site:

  • Ability to see who flattred things (if the users has chosen to do so)
  • Ability for users to show what they’ve flattred (you can find this in the the privacy settings) :-)
  • URLs that are on private systems are now allowed. They will however be hidden from the main listing on
  • We hired a new programmer – Niklas @silfverstrom! Welcome!
  • REST API is in testing.
  • Leif brought chili plants for all of the team.
  • Peter was in Paris to discuss the future of financing culture.
  • … and lots of internal updates that users cannot see… yet!

Glad midsommar!

11 thoughts on “News this week

  1. Great stuff! Please keep up the good work!

    One thing I’m sure we’d all love to know is how many users Flattr has now.

  2. Hmm … what’s the rational behind the “Ability to see who flattred things (if the users has chosen to do so)” (and what combination of privacy settings enables/disables this)? For me, the ability to show that I like something in an anonymous way was a big plus for flattr – and I’m not sure if I really want to see how flattered my things.

    Anyways – keep up the good work and happy solstice!

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  4. please add two things:
    1. The add flattr founds button directly on the overview page (first point) that is shown after registration. don’t make it hard for people to add money!
    (2. a feedback button where I can find it)
    thx for flattr it will change the world!

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