Money calculation done!

May’s monthly revenue distribution is calculated! Check your dashboards to see how much you actually will get.

The money will end up your revenue account on the 10th, this is to make sure that no foul play has been going on.

Many users got over €100, which we see as a good first step. And thousands of people actually GOT revenue, which is also good. We’re going forward!

Keep on flattring!

10 thoughts on “Money calculation done!

  1. Are you going to publish some aggregated statistics?

    Even if you do not want to reveal the total number of users or the total amount of money at this point, how about some averages like “average monthly flattr budget”, “average value per flattr click”, “percentage of users with at least one item”, “percentage of users who received at least one flattr” ?


  2. Congratulations! Good to see Flattr is a viable platform for micropayments! I’d be interested in seeing more data, are you going to make it available?

  3. Awesome!

    Are you folks planning on automating the system though? Must be a lot of work for you right now! O.o

  4. About your 10% Fee (which is at first needed),

    Quote: “The way it splits your monthly payment amoung everyone you’ve Flattr’d that month is smart; it takes money out of the picture when deciding whether to click on a Flattr button.

    I think it would be more honest, though, if rather than taking 10% of everything (which would be just absurd and indefensible if this were used on a large scale, and whiffs faintly of pyramid scheme even now), Flattr took one share of your monthly payment (as if you automatically Flattr’d them each month). That would provide even more incentive to Flattr lots of other things. And if lots of people were Flattring lots of things, Flattr would still make plenty of money.”

    nice day, yours sincerely andreas_p

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