Lots of news, nothing to show!

So lately it’s been a bit quiet here in the blog. It’s because we’ve been working hard as usual.

Technically, we’re close to finalizing our new API. And we’ve fixed lots of small bugs.

Flattr was featured in lots of interesting media channels recently. We were on BBC Click, lots of newspapers and Peter also went to the European Union Parliament in Brussels and presented Flattr to the politicians there.

So essentially, there’s lots of stuff going on, but you will not notice all of it. Until we’re finished!

Today, we’re pushing the new version live and we hope you will all give us feedback if you still find any bugs.

13 thoughts on “Lots of news, nothing to show!

  1. I’m happy to hear everything works well for you!

    Can you tell a little bit more about your presentation of Flattr to the European Union Parliament? For example: Was it them or you who took the initiative to meet, and what where their questions?

  2. The new javascript failed when it was cached. I think this should be solved now.

    Tommy – we got invited to the EUP to talk about Flattr. They were really interested and it was quite nice to hear what they had to say.

  3. I cleared the cache, unchecked the “auto-insert” setting in the flattr-plugin-setting, reloaded, empty, rechecked, reloaded and still “no input file”.


  4. Clearing the browser cache helped for me, but this should not be required, of course.
    It looks like a request to some incorrectly configured PHP setup.

  5. Thank you for adding the direct link from the flattr list of Things to the Thing’s web site (when clicking on the domain name displayed under the title). Not having to go to the Thing page first makes the directory so much more usable.

    PS: That was added in this update, right?

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