DDoS attack, servers down :(

Right now are we being targeted by a DDoS attack. All systems are very hard to reach. We are so sorry (and quite mad) that someone does think we and our users deserve this.

We are working on the problem and hope to solve it soon, and will publish more info when we have it.

Update: Things are running again, for now at least.

14 thoughts on “DDoS attack, servers down :(

  1. Sad as it is … at least you mastered your first attack. :(

    May I suggest a change in how the Flattr-Buttons are created in die official Plugin. As you might already have read, the downtime made many weblogs nearly unusable without disabling the plugin(s).

    Happy flattring everyone. :)

  2. Ah. That’d explain why my blog is getting stuck at the point it’d be loading the flattr widget. Good luck with getting it under control. Amazing how some people will go to any lengths to cause trouble.

  3. This is yet another reason why the WordPress plugin should wait until the page is finished loading before adding the Flattr, this way your servers going down doesn’t bring webpages to a crawl. (Had to temporary remove Flattr from my site).

    The best of luck getting everything back up and running.

  4. That’s so bad :(
    Do they (the baddies :p) gave a reason to that ? Do they asked anything ?

    ‘hope they will stop soon. It is so stupid to do that.
    Good luck !

  5. Well atleast now you know you are on the maps of attention.
    Not sure why anyone would Ddos you tho.. maybe to test if you could handle it!
    Good job tho :) Flattrd for support <3

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  7. White-hat-hackers that wants you to be ready when you go out closed beta I hope :-)

  8. There’s a lot of spam :( hope everything works out well. Looking forward to an invite soon.

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